Phatsima Schools Infastrucure

The renovation of existing blocks at Khayalethu High School and construction of new blocks at Bothibelo Primary School has commenced well. At Bothibelo Primary School, the construction work is at super structure on both blocks. At Khayalethu Secondary School, the first Block (Q) is near completion and will be handed over during August 2014, and work in other three blocks is underway. The project has provided jobs for the unemployed locals and the relationship between Wesizwe and the local councilors has improved.

Construction of ablution blocks

Completed ablution blocks 

Further to the school infrastructure in 2014 Wesizwe undertook to also put paving in all the schools. Both the Ledig Paving project and the construction/renovation of Phatsima schools commenced well. Wesizwe Construction Managers continue to undertake weekly site visits to ensure project quality and to provide mentoring support to the local contractors. The local contractors doing the work are providing quality service and there has been positive feedback from the schools regarding the project. 

Renovation and paving at one of the schools

Renovation and paving at one of the schools

Pupils at one of the Ledig beneficiary schools

One of the completed Ledig schools

Inside a completed refurbished classroom - Ledig School

External work completed - Ledig schools