Ledig Sun Community Newspaper

Wesizwe established a community newspaper to eliminate and avoid misinformation on the Bakubung Platinum Mine activities, and ensure ongoing community engagement. The long term goal for the newspaper is to seek support for the newspaper in order for it to become sustainable and generate income. The newspaper assists in the profiling of the local community by the locals; it also assists in the sharing of information about the Bakubung Mine Development. Journalistic and literacy interest is enhanced through the newspaper within the community and the newspaper also contributes to the local business development. In 2013 the expenditure of production and distribution of the Ledig Sun community newspaper cost the company a total of R546 500


Wesizwe has registered the newspaper as an NPO in April 2013 with the Department of Social Development and is working with Media Development and Diversity Agency to assist with capacity building and resourcing in order to ensure long term Sustainability of the newspaper.