Daily Water Supply

This project is a temporary measure pending the completion of the bulk water project.  A contracted local service provider continues to deliver water to 35 community water tanks twice a day throughout the year (i.e. twice on a daily basis, 7 days per week, 365 days per year). All the 35 Wesizwe-marked community water tanks are recognisable in the community.

The water is also delivered to schools.  As a result, the local community and school learners receive water on a daily basis to meet their basic needs.  Wesizwe instructed the project service provider to clean all the tanks following a report from the community that one of the tanks was dirty. All community tanks were cleaned in July 2014. Wesizwe continues to seek support from the Moses Kotane Local Municipality towards the maintenance and delivery of this service


From the year 2008 till 2013 the total cost of the project was R9.1 million, and the budget for 2014 is R3 374 110