Recycling at the heart of Environmental Awareness Week celebrations

The 5th of June is celebrated as environmental day worldwide. As part of Wesizwe’s environmental project, Wesizwe engaged in an environmental programme with the local schools in its host community.

For Wesizwe and the local community, focus was placed on engaging the youth, in order for them to have better comprehension of how individuals could impact change and make a difference in the environment and of their local communities, through recycling.

As part of the national ongoing Reduce, Re-use, Recycle campaign, a unique recycling project was created for the local community primary schools on the 5th of June, held at Bakubung Primary School. The project was created with the goal of communicating and educating learners with practical and essential environmental knowledge, in each of the school’s in the Ledig community (Mperebere, Bakubung, Mphuphuthe, Ratheo, and Bakgofa). The project also presented an opportunity to urge everyone to become environmentally aware and friendly, by refraining from littering, picking up litter and disposing of it accordingly (colour coded or labelled drums), ensuring that the school is safe and clean for everyone to enjoy.

All involved have learned a lot and we thank Wesizwe Platinum and Bakubung Platinum Mine for this great and well executed initiative. The intention is to oversee and ensure that the Reduce, Re-use, Recycle campaign is perfectly practiced in my school Bakubung Primary School.

The effort to improve and develop the environment is acknowledged and much appreciated. The exercise (painting of drums) and information shared was also informative to us.

Pupils from each of the schools received the opportunity to discuss the Reduce, Re-use, Recycle campaign as part of the environment month. They got the chance to convey what they had learned and in future identify the positive changes that could be made to improve the environment. The assortment of information and answers shared by the different groups of learners showed that the initiative proved to be informative for all participants. Some of the participating school principal’s views: