Our Approach to Environmental Management

Our approach to environmental management is a precautionary, self-regulating one, based on sound assessments of potential risks and impacts and the implementation of appropriate mitigation measures throughout the project lifecycle. This is to ensure the integrity and functionality of the ecosystems and landscapes surrounding our project. This approach is underpinned by striving to comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Back in November 2008, Wesizwe was granted an Environmental Authorization for various listed activities, under the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) 107 of 1998. In May of the following year, Wesizwe was granted a Mining Right in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, Act 28 of 2002. The water use license for the development phase of the project was approved in May 2010, and for the Concentrator plant the Water Use Licence was approved in August 2017 in terms of the National Water Act, Act 36 of 1998.

Earlier in 2018, Bakubung Platinum Mine introduced an Environmental incident report form, which resulted in the procedure being reviewed to ensure all changes are managed and communicated to all employees and contractors working for Wesizwe. The significant change observed throughout the year, was through all employees identifying environmental incidents in their working areas, which granted the environmental department to be able to manage leading indicators before becoming noncompliance to environmental regulations and licenses.

Our Environmental Policy

 An environmental policy is and approved and communicated to employees to ensure full compliance of the fundamentals of the policy, and also to be included in all phases of the operation being: Construction, Operational and design stage.

Our environmental policy fundamentals focus on

·         The inclusion of environmental management in business decisions

·         The continual search for alternatives that provide fewer negative environmental impacts

·         The use of precautionary principles

·         Accountability and responsibility towards environmental consequences

·         Consideration of the needs and values of interested and affected parties in decision making

·         Undertaking mine design with closure in mind

·         Compliance with all relevant legal statutes applicable to Wesizwe’s activities

·         GHG emissions assessments in the carbon management process

·         Climate change.