Wesizwe has embarked on a proactive approach to emissions management as part of its commitment to sustainability and environmental management as part of its Environmental policy commitments. In 2012, Wesizwe undertook a baseline Greenhouse Gas Emissions study. This collection of comprehensive emissions data was intended to provide a better understanding of the sources of GHGs and to guide development of policies and programs to reduce emissions.

Even though Wesizwe is still in developmental stage, this has not deterred the company to start looking at expected future impacts and to start looking at possible strategies to manage its impacts. Continued monitoring of emission data will allow for the development and implementation of an energy and fuel management program, as well as the setting of targets for emission reductions and energy efficiency improvements in key areas.

Wesizwe undertook an internal GHG emissions assessment for the period 2011-2013, to look at emission sources including: water, electricity, diesel, petrol and explosives.  We continue to collate data on our CO2,  published through our integrated reports annually.