Financial Capital

This sustainable capital plays an important role in our economy, enabling the other types of Capital to be owned and traded. But unlike the other types, it has no real value itself but is representative of natural, human, social or manufactured capital; e.g. shares, bonds or banknotes.  The integrated activity areas to be addressed by Wesizwe as part of its financial capital include accountability and measurement; corporate transparency and ethics and the potential impact on the company’s reputation; and the management of risk and the social return on investment (SROI).

In terms of accountability, measurement and corporate transparency, Wesizwe Platinum publishes its annual integrated report and its interim report each year, copies of which can be accessed on the home page of the website.  The group’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct are also available as downloads in the Corporate Governance section of the website.  Wesizwe’s approach to managing risk can be seen in its implementation of a risk management framework based on seven key pillars, details of which can be found in the Risk Management section of the website.