Bakubung Project Highlights


  • The main shaft development has a new forecast completion date for the 920 m shaft in November 2015, which is 55 days ahead of schedule
  • Similarly, the ventilation shaft is expected to reach its final depth of 880 m in September 2015, 144 days ahead of schedule
  • Commissioning bulk water supply to the mine and 13 mega litres fresh feed per day for the community
  • Commencement of waste development on multi-level through the ventilation shaft
  • Implementation of the mine operational readiness plan
  • Commencement of the process plant enquiry for the EPCM and front-end engineering (FEE)

Upcoming Key Milestones 2016

  • Commencement of the main shaft commission
  • Continuation of waste development through the ventilation shaft
  • Order long lead items for the process plant
  • Progress mine operational readiness
  • Commission phase 2 power supply of 60MW to the mine


  • Conclusion of shaft sinking
  • Process plant construction commences
  • Main shaft commissioned
  • Production build-up commences


  • Full production reached
  • Concentrator modules 2 and 3 commissioned