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Wesizwe announces the winners of its inaugural Achievement Awards

01 December 2012

Her daily efforts to ensure the offices are always clean and welcoming were noticed by many people who nominated her for an award, saying such things as:

"She is hardworking, readily available. Goes the extra mile to ensure that the company´s cleanliness is 100% maintained. She is an inspiration to most of us as she performs her duties with no complaints but to the best of her ability"

"She is doing two jobs (Cleaner and Tea Lady), and never complains. I really think she deserves the extra recognition".

Nozuko commented on what winning the top Wesizwe Achievement Award means to her:

"I was surprised but I know I am a hardworker. At Wesizwe, I am the cleaner, the tea lady and I am just one person. I like my job and I am so glad that people see me working hard. I do not complain, I have patience and I am happy to be putting the bread on the table for my people. I am the breadwinner of the family. The money is a wonderful thing for my family. I am buying new bedroom furniture and buying food. It is a lovely thing for me in the holidays. My family are going to the church and giving thanks for what has happened. My family are very happy for me. I am very happy at Wesizwe and proud of working for the company. I am going to training and I am growing there".

Other award winners were Mr Ian Fell, Wesizwe´s Accountant, and Mr Victor Nqweniso, who is a General Labourer at the company´s regional office in Ledig and whose job it is to take care of the gardens and grounds on the property. Special acknowledgements were also made to Ms Lireko Ncube, Executive PA at Wesizwe, who received a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers for arranging the company´s year-end function and awards event. Also, Ms Pinky Setshge, a cleaner, tea lady and relieving receptionist at Wesizwe´s Regional Office, received a box of chocolates for her hard work over the year. Congratulations to all these wonderful Wesizwe employees - they are an inspiration.

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