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Wesizwe Platinum’s Bakubung Platinum Mine Development On Track as Both Shafts Reach Same Sinking Levels

03 March 2015

Wesizwe Platinums Bakubung Platinum Mine Development On Track as Both Shafts Reach Same Sinking Levels


Work to develop the Bakubung Platinum Mine, located on the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex, close to Rustenburg in the North West Province, is continuing at a pace and is on track as both the main shaft and the ventilation shaft reach the same sinking levels.

Both shafts are now developing the 77 levels from where the next milestone to be reached will be the intersection of the UG2 reef. Samples of the Merensky reef have been collected and sent away for rigorous sampling procedures and analysis commencing in March 2015, with the first results anticipated six weeks from that point.  However, the analysis of the bulk sampling will take around 5 months to complete. This sampling process is on schedule and the results will assist in the overall set up of the planned process plant at the site.

Whilst the sampling process is underway, work continues in the development of the Bakubung Platinum Mine site as a whole, including the continued sinking of the two main shafts which today both stand at 770 metres. Originally the development of the ventilation shaft was always ahead of the main shaft, but due to extensive work, both shafts are now at the same level.  The project is now exactly where Wesizwe Platinum anticipated being at this point in time. 

Speaking on these latest project milestones, Mr Eddie Mohlabi, General Manager of the Bakubung Platinum Mine, said:  “The importance of these new milestones in the project is that it demonstrates we are on track with the development of the Bakubung Platinum Mine as a whole, and that our considerable efforts are reaping the rewards.”

Speaking about the next phase of the project, he added: “The next major milestone on the Bakubung Platinum Mine project development calendar is the completion of the shaft sinking process, and achieving the next levels, and we are looking at the main shaft sinking process being completed at the beginning of the first quarter of 2016. The ventilation shaft will follow suit in the third quarter of 2016. This is anticipated to be ahead of schedule.”

In the meantime, concurrent with the underground work that is underway with the development of the mine, there is also surface construction happening right now. For example, the jigging store required for all the steel work for ongoing construction work is also under construction. The Bakubung team are also busy with the development of a new mine store, and civil works on this project have also recently been completed. So, general work is continuing on the site both above and underground.

For more information on the Bakubung Platinum Mine development, visit the website - or contact Mr Hamlet Morule, Executive: Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations, on 011 994 4600.

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