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Wesizwe Platinum Limited confirms the appointment of its new chairman and board of directors

12 January 2010

Following the meeting of the Board of Directors of Wesizwe Platinum Limited (Wesizwe) on 11 January 2010, it has been announced that Ms. Dawn Mokhobo has been appointed as the Chairman of Wesizwe with immediate effect. It was also confirmed that Mr. Michael Solomon will continue in his role as Chief Executive Officer.

The Board has also appointed a Chairman’s Oversight Committee comprising the Chairman of the Company and the Chairs of the four Board Committees. This Committee will have direct oversight of the day-to-day governance, operational and strategic matters and will report back to the Board at scheduled meetings throughout the year. This will allow the Board to make timeous and informed decisions regarding the raising of funds and any other corporate action that is either in progress, or may eventuate.

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