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New milestone reached at Bakubung Platinum Mine

11 December 2015

Work to develop the Bakubung Platinum Mine, located on the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex, close to Rustenburg in the North West Province, is continuing at a pace. The shaft sinking program at the mine has reached the latest significant milestone with the last vertical blasts on the Main Shaft reaching a depth of 825m and the Ventilation Shaft reaching a depth of 815m. This latest milestone is the start of the next important phase on the Bakubung Mine Project of shaft equipping and commissioning of the mine asset, with 2016 seeing increased activity as the last phase of surface infrastructure is installed. This will include the construction of the control rooms and administration offices, and preparations will also commence for the construction of the process plant.

As with previous milestones, a combined media visit and milestone celebration for all those involved in the project's success to date has been organised for 9 December. The planned media tour will provide the opportunity for members of the media to see at first hand the progress that has been made over the past year at the Bakubung Platinum Mine. The journalists and film crews will be escorted down both the main and ventilation shafts for an underground tour of the latest developments. Bakubung Platinum Mine General Manager, Mr Eddie Mohlabi, together with other executives and members of the Safety team at the mine will be on hand to provide detailed information on the project's progress during the underground tour.

Commenting on this latest milestone, Mr Mohlabi said: "This means that we will be moving into the next phase of the project focusing on the main shaft. We will be stripping the shaft of all the temporary steelwork that was used for sinking, and equipping the shaft with permanent steelwork. This will allow the process to commence towards commissioning, which for the main shaft will be in the second quarter of 2017. On the ventilation shaft, work will now commence on completing the shaft infrastructure, meaning that we can now proceed full steam towards development. In the new year, we will commence the development of the processes for rock handling."

Speaking about the significance of this latest milestone for the project, Mr Mohlabi added: "We are getting there even though there are some challenges which can be managed to ensure we remain on schedule in terms of the development. All the previous milestones have been related to sinking, whereas this new one marks the beginning of our working towards getting to work on the ore body itself. We are confident about the year ahead, and as we always do, we will continue to look at ways of minimising risk in order to achieve the milestones that are laying ahead of us."

For more information on the Bakubung Platinum Mine development, visit the website - or contact Mr Hamlet Morule, Executive: Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations, on 011 994 4600 or email:

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