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Local young people complete Wesizwe Platinum’s Portable Skills Training Programme

05 September 2013

Local young people complete Wesizwe Platinum’s Portable Skills Training Programme in carpentry and bricklaying 

On 23 August 2013, Wesizwe Platinum hosted a graduation ceremony for 55 young people from Ledig, Phatsima and Mahoeskraal who have just completed the portable skills training programme. The training started in June 2013 and was completed during the month of August 2013. The event was held at Wesizwe’s regional office in Boshoek.

These committed young people each spent 45 days attending learner training sessions and undertaking practical work provided by the Tjeka Training Matters (Pty, Ltd), a training service provider experienced in providing portable skills training around the country.  The aim of the portable skills training was to provide life-long skills for the local community members, thereby addressing unemployment as well as improving the livelihood of local people. The learners who completed the training can now use the skills they have acquired to provide services to the local community and also to advance their professional business interests in carpentry and bricklaying. They now have the standards required to satisfy the challenges of participating effectively in the building and construction industry. Some of the key skills covered by the training include: application of health & safety to work areas, setting out and preparation of construction masonry work areas, stripping of foundations, building of foundation walls, building of masonry superstructures using solid units, etc.

Mr Lion Phasha (Wesizwe’s Project Manager) opened the ceremony and congratulated the learners on their achievement. He mentioned that Wesizwe is encouraged by the commitment of local young people from around the mine who are taking charge of their lives and are open to learning new skills to advance their livelihoods. He added that it is in Wesizwe’s interest to seek the services and utilise the skills of these local young people to support the mine’s infrastructure projects where possible.

One of the local graduates (Michael Magadlela) commented on his training and newly found skills: “Now I have a meaningful and credible nationally recognized skill and a qualification. This certificate will enable me to gain access to employment and also allow me to advance entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of construction. I can use my certificate anywhere and no one will ever take it away from me”. Another graduate also added: “The training was very useful and intense. I have learnt lots in these few weeks of training and I am confident to use the skills I have acquired to seek employment”.

During his presentation, Mr Louis Fourie (Wesizwe Construction Manager) encouraged the graduates to consider establishing their own businesses since the training has exposed them to first-hand experience in the industry. Although the construction business is not an easy field, he said: “You can succeed if you are committed to the cause”.  He mentioned that the current challenge is to find local contractors who have themselves undergone training and have required skills in their chosen trade”.

Participation and eligibility to join the portable skills training programme was open to all interested local community members, and applications were invited by Wesizwe through notices within the surrounding communities. 


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