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ICT at the heart of a paradigm shift in the mining sector

28 February 2015

ICT at the heart of a paradigm shift in the mining sector

The prestigious Mining Leaders Africa Summit, held in Cape Town this month, brought together not just industry leaders from across the continent to discuss the challenges facing the industry today, but also top ICT specialists. The reason? The need to harness the power of technology to stay relevant in the industry.


Wesizwe Platinum’s General Manager of Information Technology, Mr Kobus Pienaar, was one of the keynote presenters at this important event and delivered a fascinating insight into why a paradigm shift is needed in the mining industry in order to produce more output at a lower cost, whilst at the same time trying to prolong the life of the mine. The key focus of his presentation was on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) used in the mining process, including IT hardware and systems, telephones, cabling, C&I control systems and communication links, security systems and communication links, wireless systems, radio systems, and anything else related to information flow. His presentation addressed some key challenges in the mining sector, including the primary factors impeding the application of new technology due to a lack of industry familiarity with important technology developments.


He also focused on the potential benefits that technology brings to mining, including the positive impact on production, the contribution to national objectives, and the benefits to local communities. Also on the presentation agenda was an examination of the ways in which ICT is traditionally deployed in mines. This has been a busy month for Kobus Pienaar as he also participated in a live radio broadcast on SAFM Afternoon Talk Radio, speaking about the future of mining on the African continent, and answering questions from programme host, Ashraf Gada, and listeners to the programme.

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