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Another giant step for Bakubung Ba Ratheo

31 August 2016

Another giant step for Bakubung Ba Ratheo

25 August 2016 is a date to be remembered for years to come by Bakubung Ba Ratheo under the leadership of Kgosi Solomon Monnakgotla. On this day the community unanimously agreed on the Traditional Leadership structure that was presented and gave the leadership a mandate to amend the land lease agreement with Wesizwe-Bakubung Platinum Mine to sub-lease to Gabonewe Estate Project to build 801 housing units.

The community gave the leadership mandate to have discussions with Wesizwe-Bakubung Platinum Mine for the purpose of Bakubung Community Development Corporation (BCDC) to acquire 100% shareholding of Gabonewe Estate Property. Gabonewe Estate Project will soon begin construction of 801 units and the Traditional Leadership was given mandate to have discussions with Wesizwe-Bakubung Platinum Mine that the development of those units must be done by BCDC and after completion, the Mine will rent 70% of the units for its employees and 30% to be for community members.


Advisor to Kgosi Solomon, Ben Gumbi said “we are now starting a new era for the community, where we will produce our own academics. And it is time for parents to encourage their children to go to school and stay off drugs, so that we can be a community which we all can be proud of.’’

Wesizwe Platinum Projects Executive Jacob Mothomogolo said, “Firstly Wesizwe as a mining company will always want to develop houses for the mine workers. Now this kind of partnership with the community willing to use its resources to build the houses and us renting from them will equally benefit the community and the mine   We’ll be able to provide housing for our employees but also provide  an opportunity to the community to create business for themselves.”


This meeting was observed by the Department of Land Affairs, Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs and Moses Kotane Local Municipality and was attended by estimated over 700 community members 

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