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A New Core Business Skills Programme Launches to Prepare Local People for Work in the Mining Sector

05 October 2015

On Friday 31st July, a new core business skills training programme is being launched in Ledig through Bakubung Platinum Mine, at a special event which brings together all key stakeholders in the community.

Speaking about this exciting new launch, Ms. Basetsana Ramaboa: Human Resource Executive at Wesizwe Platinum, said: "Bakubung Platinum Mine, as we are all aware, is a startup mine and therefore we have to ensure that from now until the mine reaches its ready state, we have the right people in the right jobs. So, in partnership with our community, we are in the process of putting measures in place to ensure that this happens. Wesizwe Platinum has sourced the services of Harambee, which is an NGO launched in 2011, and which undertakes community skills assessments. As a result, Harambee will be assessing local people to identify their potential and ability to ensure that they access employment opportunities at the mine as and when it arises."

"Due to the fact that Wesizwe is still at a building phase, we have decided to sign a synergy agreement with an existing mine who has got a training facility for all the skills that we require until production. We have signed an SLA with this Mine around Rustenburg and they will be assisting us in realising this goal. Our main focus is to train people on core business skills and we aspire to train 1200 people from our local community over a period of three years, and our aim is to make them employable in the mining industry. However, for this financial year 2015, we will be training up to 400 people as part of this initiative."

At the end of their training period, these people will emerge with different sets of core skills, each one with a formal competency certificate in their key skill area. This will equip these trainees with the necessary skills to enter the world of work in the mining sector. The chosen training provider is a registered specialist provider, qualified and experienced to provide core business skills in mining. It is hoped that these trainees will eventually be able to join Bakubung Platinum Mine once it is in operation. However, in the meantime, it will equip them with the skills to improve their job opportunities in the wider workplace in the mining sector.

This initiative fits into the overall ramping up process of building the Bakubung Platinum Mine. The main objective of this process is not only about meeting the requirements of compliance, it is also about the business imperative. We have identified that there is a need for local people to be trained and developed in order to work at the mine. Therefore, we have to take responsibility to look at succession and build a pipeline of skills talent for our mine, while at the same time assisting with career-pathing for young people. This will ensure that there are people who are available to take these future jobs opportunities at the mine at an operational level.
At a strategic level, such initiatives also contributes to meeting the skills development needs of the National Development Plan at a community level.

For more press information on the new launch, contact Mr Hamlet Morule, Executive: Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations - Email: - Tel: 011 994 4603

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