Key Milestones


• Full production reached

• Concentrator modules 2 and 3 commissioned


• Processing plant construction is 99% completed
• Phase 1 establishment of key infrastructure to 83 ktpm is nearing completion (including ore handling infrastructure to boost capacity)
• Ore reserve and infrastructure development has progressed well
• Upfront ore handling system at the processing plant has been completed and cold commissioned 250 kilowatt (kW) booster fans were successfully installed to alleviate ventilation constraints at 69 Level (L) and 72 L
• Test run of the processing plant’s main system was conducted on 26 January 2023


• Concentrator Plant was hot commissioned on 05 June 2023

• A continuous test-running of the plant has been in effect

• Between 5 June 2023 and 18 June 2023 a collective amount of 1 530 tons was milled and several defects have been identified

• Wesizwe Platinum Limited is in the process of correcting these defects


• Achieved zero fatalities

• Appointed the Capital Footprint Developer

• Main Shaft licenced to transport personnel, material and rock

• Rock hoisting through Main Shaft commenced

• Completed 161-CV-001 surface conveyor from Main Shaft headgear bin to Transfer Bin


• Successful negotiation of a three-year wage agreement with the labour union
• Revision of the new operating structure that supports the new business model (Survival Plan)
• Development and completion of Employee Workflow process in the Human Resources Information System
• Completed meaningful stakeholder consultations for the 2019 – 2023 SLP and submitted to the DMRE
• Negotiated new Social Housing Regulatory Agency grants terms and conditions for the development of 801 units from 2020 – 2023
• Maintained a harmonious relationship with all stakeholders
• Continued with annual zero fatality record since the last incident in April 2015
• Completed and undertook cold commissioning of the installation of substation 69 and 72 Levels
• Appointment of the EPC and building contractors for the construction of the Process Plant
• Achieved 5 760 m development against a target of 6 166 m, representing 92% delivery against target
• Intersected Merensky Reef on 69 Level
• Underground blasting achieved 109 966 m3 against a target of 104 032 m3 representing a 106º% performance


• The mining industry in South Africa has, apart from its economic woes, suffered significant further strain with the advent of the coronavirus

• The country’s dependence on mining exports and the nature of mining procedures, meant that production could not be stopped, putting at risk the high numbers of employees that work in the sector

• The introduction of measures, in line with compliance to new Covid-19 regulations, required the sector to ramp up its existing health and safety protocols, and hopefully prevent a potential significant spread


• The main shaft development has a new forecast completion date for the 920 m shaft in November 2015, which is 55 days ahead of schedule

• Similarly, the ventilation shaft is expected to reach its final depth of 880 m in September 2015, 144 days ahead of schedule

• Commissioning bulk water supply to the mine and 13 mega litres fresh feed per day for the community

• Commencement of waste development on multi-level through the ventilation shaft

• Implementation of the mine operational readiness plan

• Commencement of the process plant enquiry for the EPCM and front-end engineering (FEE)


Upcoming Key Milestones 2016
• Commencement of the main shaft commission
• Continuation of waste development through the ventilation shaft
• Order long lead items for the process plant
• Progress mine operational readiness
• Commission phase 2 power supply of 60MW to the mine


• Conclusion of shaft sinking

• Process plant construction commences

• Main shaft commissioned

• Production build-up commences